Monday, April 23, 2012

Biking (part of) The Rock Creek Trail

Last Friday, Shira and I had a chance to explore a chunk of the Rock Creek Trail on our bikes. We were actually pretty amazed how quickly we could make it from the trail start in George Town, up past the Zoo and beyond. It's a trail I hadn't heard much about, and really liked it's level of difficulty and scenery.

Apparently, you can connect the Rock Creek Trail up with a trip along the the Capital Crescent Trail - making for a 20 mile loop. I'll have to add that to my list.

I took a bunch of photos along our trip, but most of them came out pretty blah. Especially considering what a georgeous day was, I didn't do the trail justice. Still, here's a few shots regardless. Oh, the one of the Gas Station isn't so much art, as commentary - $5.79 for premium gas! Yikes!


  1. Too bad we don't have more time out there next weekend or I'd go for a ride with you.

  2. I'll take a rain check.

    Better yet, I need to convince Shira it's time for a California Trip so we can take a ride out by you :-).