Friday, April 19, 2013

Monitoring The Boston Manhunt

As I write up this blog post, there's a massive manhunt going on in Boston. I usually use Twitter to track breaking news like this, but for this event and the original Boston Marathon bombing I've found myself glued to the Boston Police Radio Scanner (or listen here).

I'm certainly not the only one who's had this idea, as there are 84,000+ people listening to the feed.

On my mobile device, I use Scanner Radio to listen in.

The chatter on the radio has been terrifically interesting; there have been calls for bomb dogs, swat teams, EOD teams and other curious requests. But mostly I like the sense of calm being broadcast, these guys are professionals and they are on the case. It also sure beats hitting refresh on CNN to see the same story over and over again.

Listen Now

Holy crap, they just announced over the radio that given what they found on the first suspect the outstanding suspect may be wearing a suicide vest. Man, this stuff is real.

Update: and the feed is offline. The explanation given:

Status: The feed has been temporarily been brought down to protect the security of officers involved in this incident

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