Friday, April 12, 2013

A Poetry Inspired Mystery and Some Poem Favorites

I swiped Gary Snyder's poem Avocado out of Poem in Your Pocket and it really got me thinking. What does the inside of an Avocado pit look like, and why haven't I ever thought to cut it open before?

Here's Snyder's poem, tell me you too aren't interested in this little mystery?

The Dharma is like an Avocado!
Some parts so ripe you can’t believe it.
But it’s good.
And other parts hard and green
Without much flavor,
Pleasing those who like their eggs well-cooked.

And the skin is thin,
The great big round seed
In the middle,
Is your own Original Nature -
Pure and smooth,
Almost nobody ever splits it open
Or tries to see
If it will grow.

Hard and slippery,
It looks like
You should plant it – but then
It shoots out thru the
fingers -

gets away.

And the answer:

My first thought: awwww shucks, that's not as impressive as I'd hoped. And my second thought, I wonder if I can eat it? The answer is yes. In fact, some say it's quite healthy for you.

Speaking of poetry, two favorites that I've recently listened to from Poem of the Day are If We Were Honest by Albert Goldbarth and All You Did by Kay Ryan. Both deliciously surprising; If We Were Honest is too true, and All You Did has absolutely wonderful imagery.

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