Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Baltimore Museum of Art

After a wonderfully delicious brunch at One World Cafe (among the best steak-less cheese-steaks I've ever had!), my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew all took a trip to the Baltimore Art Museum.

You might think that it would be like pulling teeth getting two kids to enjoy the art museum, but in the case of my niece and nephew you couldn't be more wrong. My nephew especially has a remarkable knowledge of the various painters and styles we found in the museum. They were teaching me far more than I could hope to teach them.

I was impressed by the number of artists and pieces that I recognized, ranging from work by Picasso and Andy Warhol to the Thinker by Rodin. I found what I'd consider the classic European art to be my favorite, but I really did enjoy the whole museum. The sculpture garden was a nice bonus, and I enjoyed the little of the cell phone tour I was able to take.

What a blast it was to spend the day with my Brother and his family. And to come away more cultured no less?!

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