Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hurray! It's Cargo Shorts Weather - A Summer Pocket Dump

Not terribly much has changed in the little over a year since I posted the winter version of my typical pocket contents. But, like any good edc'er I've fine tuned things.

So, in honor of the fact that it's warm enough to wear cargo shorts again, here's what I had in my pockets as I stepped out of the house yesterday for a walk:

  • Galaxy S3 with $20 taped to the back of my case
  • Sea to Summit Ultrasil Daypack - one of my most used items, as we inevitably end up at CVS or the Grocery story, and it works great as a shopping bag. Every time I fill this bag I'm amazed at how strong it is.
  • Altoids Tin (aka: Urban Survival Kit) - for the contents, see below
  • A CPR mask and gloves smooshed and taped between two business cards
  • Wallet - stashed inside are: two small safety pins, two bobby pins, two paper clips and a paper Ikea tape measure. The tape measure gets lots of use, actually.
  • Key chain filled with handy tools, including: mini Fox 40 whistle, REI mini compass, P-51 can opener, Derma Safe razor blade, pill container with some emergency meds, USB thumb drive / card reader, Photon X-light and a large safety pin. More details can be found here.
  • Key chain with actual keys on it and a Res-Q-Me glass breaking / seat belt cutting cool.
  • Shrade Tactical Pen
  • Pilot G2 Pen
  • Notepad with $20 and a poem in it
  • Plain white handkerchief

And because cargo shorts have enough room, I'm able to grab my little Altoids Tins of goodies:

  • Silicone bracelet, which surprisingly is a perfect fit for keeping the tin closed
  • Lightload Towel
  • Spool of dental. floss - just busted this out to repair a broken mirror on Shira's bike helmet. I'm still amazed at how strong this stuff is.
  • Few inches of Gorilla tape wrapped around an old gift card
  • Small sheet of heavy duty tin foil
  • Sheet of of Lego stickers
  • A few index cards cut to fit
  • Blister treatment
  • 2 band aids
  • $20 bill
  • Headphones
  • 4 waterproof matches and a striker. I can't, in good faith, call this a Survival Kit without some way to make fire.
  • Sort length of wire
  • Dose of migraine medication
  • 4 quarters held together by a binder clip
  • Cotton ball, mainly used to keep the items from making noise
  • Itty-bitty write anywhere pencil

There you have it. And here's how what I carry has evolved: 3/2011 and 12/2011.

So nu, what's in your pockets today? Do share.

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