Friday, April 26, 2013

And we are off to... Uh, I don't know

A week ago Shira informed me that we would be doing a super long hike this Friday as a treat for my birthday. I was psyched. She was acting a little odd, emphasizing the need to get our gear together with a bit more zeal than usual.

Then last night she updated the story: yes, we would be going for an epic hike, but we would be going over the weekend and a plane flight would be involved. I'd need to pack up my hiking gear as well as the usual travel goodies.

I was up at 4am, like a kid who couldn't sleep the night before a big trip. We went to the airport all the while me clueless about our itinerary and destination.

Finally we made it to the gate (the farthest in the terminal, of course) and I learned the first piece in the puzzle, we would be flying to Boston.

And that's all I know as I type this post out at 30,000 feet. And I'm good with that. I love a good adventure surprise.

I'll tell you the rest if the story when I learn it myself.

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