Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Google killing stuff I love, Picasaweb Edition

Why must Google kill things I love? Today's casualty: Picasaweb.

Years ago I switched from flickr to Picasaweb because Picasaweb provided a more sane experience. Flickr, at the time anyway, emphasized a reverse chronological stream of your photos. While I cool concept, it meant that every event/trip I'd upload would be browsed in reverse. Picasaweb had basic albums and no confusing stream, so I went with it. After a while I discovered a key feature: it provides an easy way to embed a slideshow on my blog.

Picasaweb has since been absorbed into Google Plus. I don't exactly know how I feel about this. I've yet to warm to Google Plus (argh, more ways to feel guilty about ignoring my "friends!"), yet I do like the improved Blogger features which I gained when I became a Plus member.

Regardless, when I finally enabled Google Plus (accidentally, of course), I lost access to the standard Picasaweb page. Not a big deal, I initially thought. But then I tried to embed a slideshow into my blog and realized I've lost that capability.

This was agitating. Very agitating. I got a whole new Google Plus Pictures UI that I didn't need and lost one of the main features I actually use.

Luckily, there's a work around. By visiting the following URL you are taken to your original Picasaweb page, minus any hint of Google Plus:


I'm happy. But I'm also wary; I wonder when that work-around will continue to function?

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