Sunday, November 24, 2013

Boston Pre-Thanksgiving trip - days 1 and 2

Friday morning we arrived in a chilly Boston ready to spend the weekend with our nieces and nephew (oh, and their parents, too). Because it was cold out I tried to come prepared for some indoor kid crafty ideas. In other words, on my way out of the house I grabbed some Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners and blue-painters tape.

After arriving and many hugs all around we went to work doing a little creative session with the supplies I brought.  In doing so I relearned two important truths:

1. I really do lack creativity when it comes to this stuff. As much as I love the idea of crafting, my results are more often than not pretty pathetic. I seriously need my sister-in-law to give me an intensive course on the subject.

2. It didn't matter one bit. So my Popsicle puppets were nothing special. The kids loved putting on a puppet show with with them anyway.  So our "airport" consisted of some painters tape outlining a landing strip on a cardboard box and a Tupperware container on top of a paper towel tube as a control tower.  To the kids, these were just like the real deal. Got to love the power of imagination.

Saturday being Shabbat we didn't make any new items. But Dovid did get to play with his airport  and Tzipora was still wearing the Masking tape necklace from the night before. Chana had fun just playing with the left over Popsicle sticks.

Our newest niece Gavriella is still very much in the sleep and eat stage of babyhood. But she did come out this evening quite awake and was fun to snuggle with.

Today it's supposed to get even colder, so we're headed to a museum. I did some Web research last night to step up my crafting game a bit.  But still, just having make believe time is all it really takes to make these kids (and me) happy.

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