Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pre-Gala Photos

A few weeks ago we attended the Arlington Free Clinic Gala. It was a fun time for an excellent cause.  As long as we were getting dressed up, I suggested to Shira that we should have our portraits taken earlier in the day (yes it took 15 years of marriage, but I did eventually figure out Shira loves that sort of thing).

With that suggestion in place, I stood back and let Shira take care of the details.  She arranged a portrait session with our good friend, and pro photographer, Erin.  We ended up doing a shoot at Meadowlark Gardens right before the event.

In the past I would have ranked a photo shoot up there with such pleasant activities as, say, getting a root canal.  But, we've used Erin before so I knew the experience was going to be painless. Perhaps even fun (actually, we had a great time).  She's got this knack for letting me just be me, and  yet she captures these photos that are priceless.

So here's a few photos from the day.  Doesn't my wife look stunning?

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