Sunday, November 03, 2013

Lake Accotink, 4 miles of smooth trail running

Shira has know and suggested the Lake Accotink trail for years, but today was our first time actually hiking (well, running) it. What a wonderful little loop. At 4ish flat miles it's not especially challenging, but the scenery on this fall day couldn't have been more perfect.

This would be a great location to take non-hikers for a walk in the woods. It also seemed like a perfect spot to practice some off road biking, giving you some dirt trail experience minus major hazards.

Here's an Android tip: you can download the GPX route of the trail here and import it into MyTracks to get an on-device visual of the map. This was helpful to avoid missing the turn off into the short section of suburban streets that the hike requires.


  1. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I love this trail (Maryn took us there once for a beautiful walk). Oddly, we were out in Fairfax yesterday, and she suggested we head back to Accotink and run it. In the end though, we decided to do Burke Lake instead. Oh well...but maybe we'll "run" into each other! Though, you should definitely try out the the 4.5 mile loop at Burke Lake, always worth it.

  2. D'oh - that would have been a terrific surprise to run into you. Yeah, Burke Lake is on the list. Any others you'd like to suggest?