Sunday, November 24, 2013

Boston Pre-Thanksgiving trip - day 3

When we woke up in Boston this morning there was a "Feels Like" of 4 degrees outside. So yeah, any hopes I had of doing outdoor activities were squashed. Luckily we were prepared for this. Before coming to Boston a friend had recommended the Discovery Museums, located 30 or so minutes out of town. And so that became our destination for the day.

The Discovery Museums isn't what I typically think of as a museum. It's housed in a pair of old mansions, and the kids one we went today (versus the science center next door) was 100% hands on fun. Think the ultimate play house more than museum (right up Shira's alley). There was almost no electronics, just good old fashion fun like wooden trains, stuffed animals, plastic food and dishes and such. Each room in the house has its own theme, with some of them being quite clever, like one that uses clear duct work to blow a small  piece of foam from a slot where kids drop it off to a hole in the ceiling. Everything is interactive, and if kids are learning it's exclusively through play.

We loved it.  The kids loved it. Sure, it wasn't cheap ($11 per person) and most of it was old school fun, but it was worth every penny. It was certainly as nice as a fancy shmancy kids museum.

After the museum we headed back to our hotel for an indoor picnic and some duct tape fun.  I was hoping the kids would enjoy (read: kill lots of time with) the duct tape beading. But really, they had more fun with the improvised "robots" I devised out a plastic cup for a body, duct tape for arms and a coffee stirrer for antenna.

All in all, another super fun day of playing Uncle and Aunt.

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