Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Suit and Tie Pocket Dump

Ahhh, the Pocket Dump, one of my favorite Internet pastimes. I usually have bulging pockets (and sometimes a man bag) overflowing with goodies. But, a couple of nights ago, I was headed to an event in a suit and tie, so I had to go all minimalist.

Here's what was in my pockets:

  • Handkerchief. With the frequency that I blow my nose, this guy is absolutely required. In fact, as I sit at a keyboard in my pajamas and type this blog entry out, it's the only thing I have in my pockets.
  • Cash, Credit Card and a Driver's License all wrapped up in a binder clip. It's the world's slimmest wallet.
  • ChapStick? Nope, it just looks like ChapStick. It's actually ChapKit, a super tiny utility kit.
  • Galaxy S3 minus the case. Man I forget how sleek a phone this is without the bulky bulky I usually use.
  • Schrade Tactical Pen. A pen and self defense option. You never know when these shul-related parties are going to get out of hand. (Actually, I do know when they get out of hand: never.)
  • Not shown: keyfob for the car

So that's the bare bones, don't look like an over-prepared Boy Scout setup.

What's in your pockets?

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