Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Kinder, Gentler version of Microsoft and Apple

First Microsoft was evil. And then they were dead. And now, if their Super Bowl ad is any indication they've been reborn as a force for good:

Thing is, I really liked the ad. You can keep your cute little horsies and puppies, I'll take ground-breaking-life-improving innovation any day. (Though my favorite Super Bowl ad has to be the Duracell one).

And have you seen this video celebrating 30 years of Apple? Apparently it was shot in a single day on iPhones and is also quite impressive.

Perhaps as tech companies grow older they turn into big softies? Or maybe it's me that's grown older and turned into the softie.

I do have one beef with Microsoft's advertising of late. Check out this ad suggesting you buy laptops for your kids:

Let's ignore the premise for a moment and focus on the fact that they are using the song Brave by Sara Bareilles. A fine choice, in theory. But ever since I've seen this heart tugging version create by the U of M Amplatz Children's Hospital, I can't help but look at the song differently. Here, give it a watch:

Now, how can you use that song to sell laptops to kids? At the very least, Microsoft should embrace the video and get laptops to kids in children's hospitals (that's right, I'm suggesting they give to every children's hospital in the country. Why not?).

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