Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Greatest Gift Apple Has Ever Given Me

The other day I'm hacking away on my Mac Mini, working on an iOS Phonegap App, when I notice an odd submenu under the "Develop" menu in Safari. It read "Ben's iPad."

Well, isn't that personal, I thought. Drilling down into that menu I then saw the following:

Whoa! That menu was displaying the current web page that was open in my app. I clicked on the menu and a Web Inspector (aka, Firebug like app) popped up. To my absolute amazement, I was able to use the Web Inspector just like I would expect, though instead of accessing my desktop machine, it was accessing my iPad.

There's a name for this: Magic.

Seriously, I set none of this up and am not using Xcode (emacs + eshell + make Baby!). It Just All Worked.

This is astounding. Way to go Safari, count me as extremely impressed!

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