Friday, February 21, 2014

Get Your Soothe On: Relieving Chapped Lips without ChapStick

While in Boston, one of the kiddies had pretty chapped lips and they were bothering her while we were eating out (ahhh, the joys of living in Arctic conditions). Our solution was to swing by CVS afterwards and to pick her up some ChapStick. But, I got to thinking: surely there's an Internet Recommended Workaround for when you don't have ChapStick handy.

And of course, there is: Olive Oil.

I should totally have known this, as Olive Oil is one of those multi-use cool tools. Actually, any vegetable oil, or even butter, would have probably provided some relief.

Another option, in theory, is green tea:

Keep a green tea bag in your purse or desk drawer at work. When lips feel dry or chapped, soak the tea bag in warm water and apply to chapped or dry lips or press between your lips for a few minutes. Green tea contains polyphenols that aid in calming inflamed tissues so that your lips feel instant relief.

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