Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Boston, President's Day Visit

Shira and I took advantage of our long Presidents' Day weekend to zip up to Boston to visit with our nieces and nephew. As a bonus we'd get a taste of Real Winter; crazy cold temperatures and a foot of snow on the ground.

Given the weather, spending time outdoors wasn't really an option. So we looked around for kid friendly indoor activities.

On Monday we hit up Kids' Fun Stop, a sort of indoor playground. Sure, it was a bit of a mob scene because other Boston parents had the same idea we did, but it truly was perfect. Dovid spent what felt like an eternity playing with the trains, Chana worked away on a large puzzle with Shira, and once Tzipora got an initial run on the big slide under her belt, she couldn't get enough of it.

The reviews of Kids' Fun Stop were mostly good, with a couple really negative ones. I can report that claims of the place being dirty or having no functional toys are way off. It's just what we needed, a wide open space where kids could move and play. It's also not so large that we couldn't keep track of all kids at one time.

For our adventure today we hit up another indoor activity: Jump On In. This spot consists of two large gyms filled with bouncy-house type structures. Unlike like Kids' Fun Stop, this place requires reservations. Our 9am to 11am time slot was perfect.

The structures in Jump On In are actually quite large, so it took the kids a few minutes to acclimate to them. But once they did, the fun really began. Chana and Shira (yes, adults are encouraged to play on the structures) were slide buddies, and tackled some slides that frankly were too scary for me. Dovid had a blast in the air-cannon room, where he got to launch little foam balls at other unsuspecting kids. And Tzipora just loved to bounce away.

It was all super fun, even if the trip was over in a flash.

As we headed out of town the snow started to fall. It was the real deal, coming down in thick white flakes. And unlike in DC, the city didn't appear to panic and come to a screeching halt. As we arrived at the airport, the weather didn't appear to be letting up. Still, this is Boston, weather like this shouldn't phase them. Shira had been tracking our flight, and all day long it said it was on time. As our flight was about to pre-board the announcement finally came: our flight and all others to DC tonight were cancelled. D'oh.

Guess Boston isn't impervious to winter after all.

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