Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Agony and Ecstasy of Skateboarding

I more or less randomly tripped over this documentary on skateboarding: Freeling. The video consists of a number of kids talking through what skating means to them. Not only is the movie visually stunning, but the dedication and passion of these kids is downright amazing.

Perhaps my biggest take away is this: if you haven't found something that brings you community, flow and utter joy, then you need to keep searching. Maybe it's skateboarding, maybe it's basket weaving, maybe it's programming. Who knows. But your passion is out there. And when you find it, you'll be able to sit in front of a camera and wax on like these guys do.

Enjoy! I'm off to eBay to look up prices on used skateboards for old people.

Freeling from Andrew Lovgren on Vimeo.

(Watch the Video)

Update: Oh, and if you're a parent who's got a kid interested in skating, the above should be mandatory watching. Your child may be on to something huge here; something you may truly want to nurture.


  1. David3:26 PM


    I think there are some great messages and I totally agree with you on finding passion and community....BUT there's no way I'm letting my kids (hypothetically of course) watch this video. Not one helmet? Seriously? Football's dangerous because you can constantly get minor or major concussions. What do you think is happening to these kids? Seriously, I love the perseverance, the outlook on life, etc., but that doesn't mean they can''t protect themselves a bit. How many of those crashes had them slamming their heads into the pavement? Would a helmet take away from the tricks in any way?

  2. A fair point, David, and one I heartily agree with.

  3. For old people, I recommend the Kickboard Scooter. Basically a skateboard with a handle so you don't fall off.

  4. Thanks Ryan! I'm all for not falling off