Tuesday, August 26, 2014

7 Truly Novel Cell Phone Photography Tips

So much cell phone photography advice on the web is, well, blah. So I was impressed when I came across this video that suggested 7 clever cell phone photography tips I'd not used before.

A number of these techniques would actually be quite tricky to pull of using a fancy DSLR. That's actually a trend I've been seeing. HDR, panorama shots, capturing motion and getting macro or fish-eye shots, are all easier on my cell phone than my DSLR. Of course, the DSLR excels in places the cell phone can't compete. But that's the point: they're both useful tools in their own right. The days of the cell phone being just a fallback camera for those times when you have no other choice, are pretty much done.

Via: PictureCorrect.com

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