Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pandora Recovery: Saving you from a worst case photography scenario

Every once in a while, advice I give pays off. So it was the case when I told my brother not to give up hope on the hundreds of photos he lost because of an accidental delete incident. Computers (and computer programmers) are lazy. Just because they say something is deleted, doesn't make it so. I warned him that he'd probably pay a steep price for getting the photos back, but it should be possible.

Shows you what I know. A few days later he reports in: the answer is Pandora Recovery! He downloaded this free utility, let it churn for a few hours, and it gave him the chance to recover hundreds of photos. In the end, he got back all the photos he had accidentally deleted.

Crisis averted. And I learned about a new tool I hope I'll never need to use.

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