Monday, August 04, 2014

A Moving Tribute and An Inspiring Idea

This is wonderfully moving tribute to PFC Elzie L. North who served in WWII:

70 years ago a guy called Elzie L. North, age 22, from Duval county Florida, jumped off a boat on a beach in France. Within an hour from dawn 341 of his fellow men had died in the sand, the waves and the rising tide.
The day would be known as D-day, the beach would be known as Omaha beach.

(Read the full tribute here)

But what I found even more remarkable was this statement at the end:

(Remark; I just picked a random grave on the Colleville cemetery, to give one of the many crosses a face and a story. The story is assembled by reading a lot of sources. But it could very well be inaccurate).

What a terrific way to honor a veteran and to show your respect for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Not to mention, sharpen your research and creative writing skills.

Perhaps for next Veterans Days, I'll have the wherewithal to undertake a similar project. I'm certainly inspired to do so!

Via: Urban Sketchers

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