Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Birthday Cakes and Treasure Hunting - Morning Fun With Tzipora

Last night we got an unexpected text message from Tzipora's baby sitter's parents. They were terribly sorry they had missed wishing Shira a happy birthday. Only, it's not Shira's birthday. What happened?

Well, I'm partially to blame for this one. Tzipora and I had 45 minutes to kill before I took her to camp, so we cooked up a batch of bannock. Tzipora did most of the work. When we were done, she pronounced that we hadn't made bread, but instead had made cake. Fair enough.

Apparently, Tzipora decided to make the story a bit more elaborate, and explained to her baby sitter that she and I had made Shira a surprise birthday cake, because it was her birthday. (Not an altogether terrible idea, by the way). She explained this so earnestly, you just had to believe her.

I fear this morning I didn't help my case much. Again, having an hour to kill before dropping Tzipora off at camp, we did some geocaching in a park on the way to her camp. She was delighted to discover the cache hidden in a big 'ol tree stump. As I dropped her off at camp, I heard her explaining to another camper that she had just gotten back from treasuring hunting, and had found treasure. Again, really not far off from the truth.

Good times!

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