Thursday, August 07, 2014

DDOT, Exactly As Sentimental As You'd Expect Them To Be

Looks like Key Bridge isn't going to turn into a Lock Bridge any time soon:

WASHINGTON -- A tourist attraction in Paris is causing concern among city officials in D.C. who worry that the popular practice of leaving love locks attached to bridges could eventually prove dangerous.

Similar locks have started to show up at the Key Bridge, but they won't last much longer.

The District Department of Transportation is taking them down Thursday.

"Locks are being removed because we don't want to establish a precedence where our structures could become polluted with these types of campaigns," DDOT spokesman Reggie Sanders says.

Yes, it sure would be a shame if DC structures were 'polluted' with these symbols of love and commitment. DC's hardly the place to be showing these kind of principles.

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