Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gillette - The Best a Traveling Man Can Get

When it comes to shaving, I think every individual has a responsibility to at least try shaving with a double bladed safety razor. Compared to the latest Gillette gizmo based razor, they are dirt cheap (how about a 2 year supply of blades for $13.00) and wicked sharp. Sure, you may not like a safety razor, but it's only marketing mind games that are keeping you from trying them.

But, there's a context where safety razor greatness fails: travel. Those single edged razor blades are a no-no through TSA. Incidentally, even blades I've been using for a week or longer are still incredibly sharp, and tossing them in the trash feels like a waste. At some point, I'm going to have to figure out a use for all those used blades (throwing stars may be a bit much).

Anyway, when I travel, my safety razor stays at home. Sure, I could bring the shaver and pick up blades at my destination, but that seems like a hassle I don't need.

For travel, I like to bring along my aging Gillette Sensor Excel. The Sensor Excel was apparently introduced in the early 1990's, so this bad boy is considered Old School. As such, it's compact and bell and whistle free. No ergonomic design here, or batteries required; just a basic handle that takes a basic 2 blade cartridge.

Normally, I wouldn't be making such a fuss about an outdated razor, but I was excited to find that another company, Tri-Flexxx is making blades for this handle. I was able to buy 24 cartridge at a reasonable price tag ($1.20 each, versus say $2.60 or $4.25 for cutting edge tech). Because I only use these for travel, and even our longest trips only use up one cartridge, this 24 pack should last and last.

Here's what the setup looks like in use:

It's official, the Sensor Excel is my favorite travel razor. It's compact, affordable and gives a solid shave. What more could I ask for?

Incidentally, I don't bother to carry shaving cream when I travel. I'll typically use the freebie shampoo to shave with (and wash clothes with, too). And if that's not an option, I'll scrounge up some other option (check the Net, there are tones of options: conditioner, baby oil, olive oil, even peanut butter). Leaving the shaving cream at home means one less thing to carry in the Dopp Kit or worry about passing through security.

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