Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sew Cool - What a Fashion Blog Can Teach You About Your Life Goals

See, this is what I'm always blabbering about. Let's say you have dreams of being a fashion designer and long to be a style trendsetter. The problem with this little hobby of yours is that it involves buying lots of new, trendy clothes. Which is (a) expensive, and (b) wasteful. What are you to do? If you're brilliant, you do what ReFashionista did. You use the difficulty, and embrace your reality:

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to change the way the world thinks about fashion. I was sickened by the rise of fast fashion giants who rely on unethical labor practices. I was worried about the impact on our planet as people tossed out their one-time-wear duds more and more quickly to make room for the newer & cheaper clothing.

I was also quite broke and couldn’t afford new clothes.

One day, while digging through the racks at my local thrift store, I started thinking about how easily some of the ugly pieces I was looking at could be transformed into something new.

I could dress well on the cheap without hurting the environment, I didn’t have to support unfair labor practices, and I could have a fun new hobby!

Her site, is wonderfully entertaining, even to a non-fashion guy like myself. Her writing style is cheery, she's rigorously devoted to her mission (seems like she's been going strong since 2010) and she's focused on educating others. This makes for a site that's equal parts chatty blog, fashion showcase and How-To guide. And the results speak for themselves. Consider this example:

So go, be inspired. Live your best life by embracing your limitations.

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