Monday, September 01, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Gavriella!

With the US Open behind us, we were a mere 4 hour drive from home. Or, we could Overdo It, and try to squeeze in one more bit of action into our trip. Boston was the same 4 hours away as DC, and yesterday was Gavriella's 1st Birthday. How could we miss out on that occasion?

So we left NY at 6:45am and in 4 short hours, found ourselves in Boston.

We celebrated Gavriella's birthday with an epic trip to Chuck E. Cheese. It's been years since I've been inside the mouse's establishment. To be honest, they weren't great memories: dim lighting, fraying carpet, tired animatronics and an overall dingy feeling were what came to mind.

Well, this Chuck E. Cheese successfully rebooted my expectations. The place was clean, and generally well lit. They've still got the cheesy animatronics, but the kids were absolutely spell bound by them. I was sad to see the ball pit go, but it's been replaced by a fairly novel tunnel system that runs throughout the ceiling. I can't imagine what you do when your kid freaks out and refuses to crawl down. But the kids enjoyed it well enough. All in all, the kids really had a blast, and I enjoyed playing along with them. Still not my ideal form of entertainment, but for the kids, it was a huge treat.

In the evening, Uncle Ron setup a charcoal barbeque, and the kids and I got to watch as the chef went to work. We all got a first rate education in real Man Cooking.

The Birthday girl was in good spirits today. She was scootching around the house like a pro and between a trip to the park and Chucky's place, she soaked up all the sights and sounds with a real thirst. I'm so glad we could be here to celebrate!

Shira's had more than enough time behind the wheel. So, rather than drive back to DC, we hopped on a Jet Blue flight. Yeah, one hour and 15 minutes in the air beats Labor Day traffic jams any day.

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