Thursday, September 04, 2014

Post-It Note Marketing - So Simple, So Clever

The other day, as we were driving between New York and Boston we stopped for gas. As I got out to pump, I immediately noticed this Post-It note:

Ignoring for a second the potentially sketchy offer, I have to say, this mode of marketing is absolutely brilliant.

What did it cost? $6.00 for a stamp, $6.00 for 500 Post-Its and a few minutes of manual labor. By strategically placing the Post-Its you have your viewers nearly undivided attention (the gas pump was perfect for this). Whoever left this Post-It appeared to do so sparingly, as the other pumps were missing notes. I think a little bit of subtly helps, too. Finally, the medium is portable, so that an interested party can simply take the note with them.

I love it.

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