Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Simple Recipe for Amazing Adventures

If I squeeze in a 5 mile run and manage to find some pretty looking plants, I call that an overwheming success. But some people, Matthew Kirk in particular, think a little bigger. OK, maybe a lot bigger. Try 150 mile run over three days bigger. Apparently, he just ran from one side of Florida to the other.

This is the sort of craziness insanity impressive feat is normal for Matt who apparently holds the Appalachian Trail speed record of 58 days 9 hours and 38 minutes (not bad for 2,200 miles!).

He appears to have a sort of recipe for tackling this type of project: (1) have simple, yet tried and true, gear list, (2) document a route plan, (3) DO IT, (4), document the results.

The gear and planning is left the simple, so the emphasis is on the adventure itself.

The whole system seems repeatable, even by mere mortals like myself.

Now if you excuse me, I need to open up a new Google Spreadsheet and start planning out my next adventure...

Read the story of Matt's cross-Florida-run here and be amazed. This all fits in nicely with my microadventure theme of late. Or as Matt puts it, "think globally and adventure locally."

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