Monday, April 13, 2015

The Mystery of the Birding and Wildlife Trail Sign

Last Friday, I'm jogging along Carlin Springs Road when I pass by this sign I've seen dozens of times:

I've always wondered where following that Birding and Wildlife sign would take you. So, rather than follow my planned running route, I took a quick right and followed the direction the sign pointed. In no time, I was at the end of the school parking lot where an unmarked trail head could be found. I then jogged a short, but woodsy section of trail, which popped out at 7th street. From there, I retraced my steps till the trail crossed a small creek. At that point, you're effectively at Long Branch Nature center, which has a trail that connects up to Four Mile Run Trail.

In all these years I had no idea that 4 Mile Run Trail / W O&D connected up to this adorable nature center. What this section of trail lacks in length, it makes up for in character.

It had colorful flowers like these:

And a new plant for me to learn about: Podophyllum (thanks to Rabbi Ackerman for the identification help!).

Note: this guy is not edible, but does have some medical uses. If I ever need to accelrate defecation, I know my go to plant.

And check out this audio recording: nothing but soothing creek noises.

Not pictured are 3 deer that were watching me, as I was taking pictures of the flowers and such.

It may have been a nanoadventure, but it was still a fun time!

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