Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cashew Juice - It seemed like a good idea at the time

Let's say you finish a run and you're outside of a Latin supermarket, say, Food Star. And let's say you go in hoping to pick up a refreshing drink. And let's further postulate that you'd like to find a drink that's: (a) unique, (b) marked Kosher. You may eventually find yourself staring at this bottle:

Cashew Juice, you're going to think to yourself, how perfect!

All I can say is, proceed with caution.

I was in the above situation on Monday night. I came out of the supermarket proudly showing my purchase to Shira and Dawn, when Dawn saved me: you do realized that's marked as concentrate, right? I had not. My plan of cracking open the Cashew Juice would have to wait until I got home.

When I did, I carefully mixed up a glassful. As I went to take a sip I caught a whiff of the substance. Good Lord! It smelled...awful. Seriously, what the heck was I trying to drink? I tried again and took a sip. The the actual liquid tasted better than the smell, but not by a whole lot. I then, per the bottle's suggestion, added a whole bunch of sugar. That didn't improve matters much. As I made my way through the first glass I started to appreciate that I was indeed drinking a sort of citrus type drink. By the end of my first sample, I would almost describe the taste as watered down orange juice.

This begs the question, what I was I actually drinking? I mean, I've eaten cashews before, but this drink didn't taste anything like the nut (which technically isn't a nut). A quick search of Google and realized I was eating this guy:

Apparently that's a Cashew Apple. While I'm used to eating the nut part, apparently there's a big 'ol fruit to eat as well. Having a mental image of a fruit actually helped the drink taste better.

At the end of the day, Cashew Juice is what I'd have to put in the acquired taste department.* I'm apparently not alone in this feeling. I'm currently drinking my second glass, and slowly but surely, I'm beginning to like the taste of it. Who knows, maybe by the time I've gotten through the 14 more(!!) servings that I bought of this stuff, I'll actually like it.

*Or as one comedian put it: This taste awful! Let's eat some more of it!

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