Monday, April 27, 2015

Let's Hike the CDT!

I truly enjoyed Joe Brewer's PCT hike. He provided 20 minute snapshots of him covering between 150 and 200 miles of the trail. It's enough to give you a taste of the terrain and life on the PCT while not becoming tedious. And it's not just the outdoorsy aspect of the video that I love, Joe's Everything is Cool Attitude has become what I strive for when I'm tackling pretty much any activity.

Joe is at it again, this time he's hiking the Continental Divide Trail, aka the CDT. At about 3,100 this bad boy is a beast. I'm pulling for you Joe!

Joe has put up his first video check in here. Spoiler alert, things don't start particularly well. Much like when his PCT adventure, within a few days he's got an injury which forced him to take a rest from the trail.

But does Joe's attitude waiver for even a second?! Nope. And there he goes, showing us the way to tackle a monster journey like the CDT. Incidentally, I didn't hear him use the phrase cool once in his first video. Still, the sentiment is all there.

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