Friday, April 03, 2015

Passover 2015, Let's Do This!

For some, Passover truly begins with that first bite of Matzah, or maybe it's the chanting of the order that kicks off the seder. Or maybe it's that I'm so full, and we just had the soup course feeling that makes Passover real.

For me, it's this:

That's the traditional lunch my brother and I eat a few hours before the first seder. Bread and matzo are both off-limits, so we naturally substitute potato chips. Throw in some tuna fish (alas, not the flaming variety), herring, cheese and sour cream and onion dip, and you've got the perfect pre-seder meal. Oh, and you need some sort of desert. Today we did a chocolate bar, but vanilla flavored vegetable fat bars would have been an equally delicious choice. (Who am I kidding? Make that a far more delicious choice!)

Here's to tradition and meaningful meals! Chag S'meach and L'Chaim!

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