Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bias - mid point review

I'm half way through Bernard Goldberg's "Bias" book. So far I'm really impressed.

Pros: he clearly demonstrates a left wing bias in the news. He makes it clear that the bias isn't a left-wing plot but more of a result of mis-guided good intentions, or of a desire to get higher ratings. He also makes it clear that if such a high percentage of reporters were leaning to the right then we would probably have a conservative bias in the news.

Cons: he spends a bit too much time lamenting over his own situation (how he stood up against the networks and lost big time).

Bottom line: everyone should read/listen to this book and appreciate the bias around us. And then fix it.

I do like one solution he proposes: affermative action in the news room. But instead of hiring racial or ethnic minorities, hire those with differing views (like, heaven forbid, conservatives).


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