Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mobile Office Essential

My buddy Christian just wrote up a blog entry about his mobile office [1]. And I added my two cents about my mobile office in his comments section. But I didn't mention one of my most important pieces of technology: the 3x5" notepad.

I'm reminded of this because I just bought a new one ($0.89 @ CVS), as I was due. I even bought the "toughbook" version, which has a plastic cover instead of the usual cardboard one.

Why do I consider my notepad so essential? It's light weight, very durable, never runs out of batteries, is kid proof, has instant-on, is compatible with any brand of stylus, never runs out of batteries, can produce hard copy, and can be used for both toilet paper as well as a fire starter in a pinch.

So, while I love my sidekick, I wouldn't dream of giving up my notebook.



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