Sunday, August 21, 2005

Gps + Cell Phone = Dinner

Tonight, on the ay home from NJ to DC, we got hungry. So, we used thr GPS to find a Pizza Hut. Turns out there was one 15 miles away. So, we called ahead from the road and ordered pizza so it would be ready for us when we arrived. All, in all, the plan worked well - we had good pizza and it was ready quickly.

I wonder how you could turn this into something pizza hut could offer as a service? Maybe you see signs on the road that say something like: "call us now, at xxx-yyy-zzzz, and your pizza will be ready when you arrive."

This would be convenient for drivers and a nice advertising program for the restaurant. As a bonus, drivers would pass up other restaunts as they drove to the one they ordered from because they would have already committed to eating there.


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