Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dude Where's My Country - thoughts

Yesterday I finished Mike Moore's "Dude, Where's My Country?" Overall, it was enjoyable and educational.

One observation that I've made about this book is who the audience is. It seems to be a book by a liberal, for liberals. He seems to be interested in educating those who more or less already agree with them so they can spread his message. So I wouldn't recommend this book as one you would give to your conservative friend to "fix" him.

Things I liked about the book: a good accounting of how the Bush team convinced the country to go to war; a nice discussion of the USA Patriot Act; a list of things he admits that you would never think you would hear a liberal say (probably worth the entire book!); inspirational ideas for grass roots efforts - both political and non-political.

Things I didn't like: a bit too much overlap with Fahrenheit 9/11; somtimes his use of humor does more damage than good; some of his theories about Bush are just too out there.

Overall score: listenability: 8/10, educational value: 9/10

Next book: Bias and one by Zell Miller.


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