Monday, March 27, 2006

Book review: The Watchman

The book, The Watchman by Chris Ryan, started off on a rough note. The back of the book (OK, CD case) describes an intriguing story of escape and evasion during the Gulf War. This was in fact what triggered me to rent the book.

This turns out to be the author's personal story, not the content of the book (do'oh!).

Things didn't improve much from there. The vast majority of the story seemed nothing special. Yeah, one assasin is chasing around another assasin, but that's hardly anything to write home about.

Luckily, and as should be expected, the book mostly redeems itself with a pair of clever twists at the end. They are so clever in fact, that I've still been turning the completed book over in my head for the last few days. Any book that can make me do that was worth the read (or listen).

I give the book an 8.5/10 for enjoyability. The vast majority of the text I could do without, but final chapters make it all worth while.


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