Friday, March 10, 2006


I have this book on tape which is the biography of Michael Jordon. I just re-found it again as it was in the car I just cleaned out.

I had it in there for a specific purpose, I wanted a backup book on tape to listen to if I ever needed one. The scenario in my head was that I might find myself on a long drive with nothing to entertain me, and I could reach back and grab this book. It seemed like a brilliant idea at the time.

The only flaw? I've never actually listened to the book. Not once. Shira saw the book and remarked that she had listened to it 6 (yes, six) years ago.

Now I have a new car that doesn't have a tape deck. So listening to this book just became a lot trickier.

See, I was waiting for this perfect scenario to happen, and it never did. As a result, I missed out on enjoying what is probably a fine book.

I didn't get the pleasure of hearing the book, but I did get a good life lesson. Don't wait for perfection, or all you'll get is waiting.


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