Monday, March 27, 2006

See Google's Redesign Experiment

See Google's Redesign Experiment

Oooh, a neat little hack to get a peak at what Google's playing with. I'm not sure I see much value in the UI (yet), but it's cool none the less.

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  1. This has actually been showing up live for some people (without the javascript command). I was playing with it this afternoon, I wonder if they made the change in this specific way due to the usability studies that have shown where people look on Google? Although I would expect that this change would make the 'golden triangle' shift to the right. More of a concern regarding the changes to Google is the prevalence of Google Base results, which are now starting to push up in the SERPs, by having more and more Google (TM) products up at the top of the SERP they give everyone else less real estate, and at the same time run the risk of losing relevancy...