Friday, March 24, 2006

Rush Hour

This was not my most fun morning. I was up till about 3am doing various stuff, and went to bed for a few hours of sleep before I had to meet someone at work at 7:00am.

One thing I know better than to do, but did anyway, was to set my alarm clock at 3am in the morning. I set it for 5:45 and went to bed.

At 6:28am Shira woke me up. Of course I had set the alarm to wake me at 5:45pm! (Wishful thinking, I guess).

I got cleaned up, got dressed, packed a lunch and took out the garbage all in about 10 minutes. I jumped in the car, and by some miracle, made it to work in record time. I arrived at the office at 6:57am. Whew.

I then checked myself over. Pants? Check. Matching shoes? Check. Laptop AND adapter? Check. Lunch? Check.

That is until I actually unpacked my lunch. In my haste I grabbed a made-for-the-oven knish instead of the microwave friendly pasta I intended.

I guess I'm just glad I brough the lunch and threw out the garbage, instead of the other way around.

Oh, and I'm also happy I wore pants. And so is the rest of the office.


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