Friday, April 28, 2006

Birthday revenge of the blog

For those of you who know me and Ben, you know that he desires his life to be an open book (hence: THE BLOG), while I prefer to stay as far away from it as possible and groan every time something about our life gets posted. But, in the spirit of Ben's wishes to have his life be an open book, I will take this opportunity to let all 3 of his readers know that today is Ben's birthday. (This post was probably a waste since two of his three readers are his dad and brother, but what the heck!?) Happy Birthday, Benj!


  1. Thanks darling.

    Are you going to post about that rash I've got too? Kidding...

  2. Grats on moving into the cool decade. Now you can refer to those at work in their 20's as 'the kids'

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy the steak!

    Now back to finding Japanese TV. :)