Sunday, April 23, 2006

Heavy on the Chevy

Popular Stories - Heavy on the Chevy

Chevy had a nifty idea -- let the world create commercials for their new Tahoe SUV. I'm sure it sounded like a great plan - put the Wisdom of the Crowd to work for you.

Turns out, not everyone likes SUVs. In fact, quite a few people don't like them. And they don't like them enough to spend time creating clever ads using Chevy's own system to bash the heck out of their new product.

The result? Ads like this one and that one. Heck, there's a site that's entirely dedicated to ads that bash the new Tahoe.

Luckily, there's no such thing as bad publicity. The people who want to buy SUVs will still buy them - and Chevy probably got a bit of extra press out of the deal. Apparently, they are even going to leave the negative ads in place (smart move). So everybody's happy.

Via: Church of the Customer

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