Thursday, April 06, 2006

Review: Capote

Last night we saw Capote. I went into the movie with zero expectations - I had no idea what it was about, who was acting in it, or what time period it was set in. Heck, I didn't know if it was a comedy or drama.

It was a drama. Oy, was it a drama.

In general the movie felt like a long winding journey going nowhere. I kept waiting for the big twist. And waiting. And waiting. And then the credits rolled.

It just wasn't that kind of movie.

[2 days have passed, and I'm continuing my review]

OK, I still don't have much good to say about the movie. Whenever we see a film like this, Shira simply chalks it up as a zero and moves on. Not me. Nope, I'm going to keep rolling the movie over in my head till I see the value that it has.

So far, I've had no luck.

Tell ya what. I'm going to keep thinking this over and if I have any brilliant insights I'll add them here.

And if you saw Capote and thought it was great, please, please, use the comments below to explain why.

Oh, and I have to say - I knew the movie was trouble from the start. They showed a single preview of an upcoming move. One preview?? Often that's the best part of the film (little known Simon Family lore: my dad always had us watch the FBI warning on videos, because "sometimes that was the best part of the movie"). I felt short changed then, and it was all down hill from there.


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