Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Helping out

As a cost cutting measure and a good source of entertainment, I don't have my own garbage can in my shared office.

And, as it turns out, I happen to produce a fair amount of waste.

So, about 35 times a day, Tim finds some stange object hurling towards him, which I intended for the trash. Turns out, my aim could be better.

So, in an effort to help me out, Tim (or some helpful soul) setup a backboard for me to improve my shots.

In fact, I've always been bad at basketball. I mean, I was so bad that I managed to score because nobody ever covered me. I used my gross incompetence as a secret weapon. They would ignore me the whole game, only to use me to score trivial shots in the last few minutes.

Maybe one day when I earn a bit more seniority I'll get my own trash can. Oh well, one can dream.


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