Friday, April 28, 2006

The Truth About George W. Bush - Bushisms

The Truth About George W. Bush - Bushisms

A fairly extensive, and of course humorous, list of Bushisms. In fact, the entire site is probably worth your reviewing -- if you lean to the left anyway.

Mystery Solved: I actually found the above site, because my browser had loaded in it. Which was odd, because I hadn't intentionally visited that site.

It turns out, I just added a quick hack to my emacs mail setup, so that just hitting enter while on top of a URL loads it into my browser. Apparently, the url matching regexp was a bit too permissive, and when I typed:

... now? <return>

My browser loaded the value of now.

So now emacs is finding me random and humorous sites on the web. Try adding that feature to Eclipse!

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