Wednesday, April 12, 2006

MONEY Magazine's Best Jobs

MONEY Magazine's Best Jobs

Check it out, Software Engineering is rated by CNN as the best job in America. Though my Dad didn't fair too poorly, as he's a professor, and they got ranked number two.

  1. Software Engineer
  2. College professor
  3. Financial adviser
  4. Human Resources Manager
  5. Physician assistant
  6. ...

Josh, my brother the ER Dr. didn't make the top 10, unless he would consider a small pay and responsiblity cut to become a physician's assistiant.

And Dave, what the heck? Why didn't Slave Ph.d Student make the list? What were they thinking?!

Update: Whoops, in my haste I forgot to mention that it was Simone Simon Heseltine who passed me the link in the first place. Thanks Simon.

Update to my update: D'oh. I can't seem to give Simon proper credit. For the record, it's Simon Heseltine, not Simone. Sorry Simon. For the next few days you can walk around the office calling me Mr. Simone if you'd like.


  1. Since I didn't get credit for passing this on to you :p here's a link to the same story, but where they feel my job shows up...