Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Agony of Defeat

We just finished watching the Chargers lose to the Patriots. Ouch. The Chargers gave them that game with all their mistakes.

Luckily, there was beer available to dampen the pain. And I got to watch commercials (something Tivo deprives me of), which was a treat.



  1. I just saw the Seahawks (my hometown) blow the game to the Bears. Aw well. There's a reason I only watch in the playoffs. :)

  2. Ben,

    First I never want to hear again that you watched the charger game but not the Bears game. have you forgotten your upbringing? What would the grandparents say if they heard you didn't watch the game. Seriously ben. And then I hear you allow a Seahawks fan to comment on your blog. I think we need to have a long talk.

    Oh and Gavin, The Bears did their best to give that game away, you guys just didn't want it.

  3. So, so true David. The classic Seahawks that I know and love. Underwhelm and under deliver.