Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Movies To Watch

Here's a list of movies I should get around to watching. Have a suggestion? Add it to the comments.

This list was inspired by Simple Movie Reviews


  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    More movies everyone should get around to watching: Whale Rider (fantastic story), The Pianist (Adrien Brody is amazing), American History X (Edward Norton's best performance), Dr. Strangelove (perfect example of satire), Gandhi (if you didn't know already, this will open your eyes to what Gandhi meant then and continues to mean today), L.A. Confidential (perfect filmmaking all around), A Perfect World (one of my "under the radar" favorites), Seabiscuit (it's the Rudy of horse racing), and Without Limits (another "under the radar" pick). If you're okay with foreign films, The City of Lost Children is another favorite of mine. City of God is a popular pick on IMDB and is very good, but very violent.

    As for Network, I know I'm probably not the first person to say this, but it is amazingly prescient for it's time. The movie could be made today and still be considered timely. Million Dollar Baby is a simple story told very well; you can't help but invest your heart in every character. And as for Casino Royale, I think you should save that for another night of married couples renting movies together because I want to see it too.

  2. Gareth - thanks so much for the recommendations! They are awesome.

    You so need to start a movie review blog ;-).

    When you get more recommendations, I hope you'll add them as another comment.

  3. Gareth should totally make a Tenspotting list of his favorite movies. ;)

  4. I must agree with your friend Gareth on Whale Rider. It's one of my favorite movies.
    And if you like the story (which i think you did), then i think you'll also like the movie October Skies. This movie is one of my favorite stories with no gore, sex, or drugs (I know it seems boring).

    A few other movies i would watch are:

    The Last Samuri (yes Tom Cruise is nuts, but he's an incredible actor in this film)

    The original Rocky and the original Terminator. Cheesy movies I know, but classics for sure. (I'm betting you haven't seen them yet)

    We Were Soldiers. Yes its Mel, and he may hate Jews, but he does make a fine movie.

  5. Anonymous12:50 PM

    here are couple for you:
    Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, Le and Paris, je t'aime. Both about Paris and both just great!