Thursday, January 18, 2007

Review: Ice Hunter

Ice Hunter, by James Rollins, was my first attempt to choose a book on CD from the Sci-Fi shelf of the library.

That section usually gives me the willies, and leaves me dazed and confused as to what to pick. I can either take out some abridged Star Trek CD, or some complex fantasy story. Neither of which are appealing.

So I tried Ice Hunter.

Turns out, I'm not even sure you could call Ice Hunter Sci-Fi. It was mostly just an action book with a few science twists thrown in for good measure.

Still, there was lots of action, two count them two, side love stories, and plenty of shooting. I was pleased that I was only able to predict one or two of the plot twists, with the rest surprising me - excellent job Mr. Rollins.

As a fun, shoot-em-up distraction goes, this book is a winner. It's not great art, but sometimes one wants a bit more Die Hard and bit less Schindler's List.

I give this book a 8.03/10 for being a pleasant read listen with action that didn't quit.



  1. A pleasant read? Didnt you listen to it? I am confused....please explain.

  2. Picky, picky.

    I'm just glad someone read far enough into the post to recognize the error.

    Oh, and I'm sure if you were to read it, you would find it a pleasure.