Wednesday, January 03, 2007

T-mobile Caller ID Tip

Here's a tip if you have a T-mobile cell phone. By default, the name on the account is the value that shows up on land-line caller ID. This means that when I call someone, Shira's name is the one that comes up on folk's caller ID.

Turns out, T-mobile can customize your caller ID on a phone number, by phone number, basis. Just dial 611, and ask to speak to a representative. Simply tell them you want your caller ID to be a specific value for your phone number.

We just asked them to customize my ID a few minutes ago, and it has yet to take effect. But, in theory, it'll just update in a few hours.

I should have changed the caller ID to something slick like Emacs Boy or Linux Geek, but I chickened out and simply changed it to Ben Simon.


  1. Did your caller id issue ever get fixed? I have tmobile and have been trying to get them to change what shows up when I call from my cell phone for weeks now. Nothing seems to be happening. How long did yours take?

  2. Mike -

    I did get it fixed. It was a while ago, but it did go through. I'm thinking it was only an hour or two.

    If it's not changed, I'd keep pestering them - they totally fixed me up.