Friday, January 05, 2007

Car Whiteboard Hack

It occurred to me the other day that the windows in my car would probably serve as reasonable dry erase surfaces. After a quick test, I confirmed that you can indeed scribble on the glass and easily wipe it off (works on monitors too, but that's another hack for another day).

Sure enough, all the windows in my car can now be used as whiteboards! (Insert joke about finally making windows productive.)

I'm sure this both (a) obvious and (b) a very bad idea, but it seems like it could be useful, and being a whiteboard buff, how could I resist?

As a somewhat serious application, I can imagine writing the address I'm searching for at the top of the wind sheild so that it can serve as a poor man's heads-up-display. I'm also thinking it could be handy for reminders too.

I can't wait to sketch out an updated database schema, or UML diagram at a stoplight!



  1. Shira,
    If you need any assistance with the intervention let me know... ;)

  2. Simon, Don't think he hadn't already been admonished for thinking of writing on the windows of any car that wasn't in a junk yard. Well, he didn't hear the first time, but maybe if we team up. Actually, I'm waiting for him to use the wrong pen, and try to hide the window from me! Now that will be a fun "I told you so." (Not that I ever say that!)

  3. Thanks all for your concern.

    Luckily, I've already found a hack for removing permanent marker from whiteboards, so I'm good to go ;-).

  4. On a related note, Christian Cantrell posted another useful whiteboard hack: Mirrors make great whiteboards

    (btw, I commented over there, linking to this car window whiteboard hack as well)

  5. Thanks Dave! That's a great pointer.